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With over 800K cruise passengers annually, Valletta is a popular cruise destination with its warm climate, numerous recreational areas and architectural and historical monuments, including UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Valletta Cruise Port, the maritime gateway to Malta’s capital, welcomes visiting cruise passengers and crew into a city considered to be an open-air museum. Indeed with a strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean, Valletta Cruise Port is a renowned port of call and a thriving homeport.

Over the years Valletta Cruise Port’s efforts have been recognized by a number of awards including Best Terminal Operator by Cruise Insight for two consecutive years, and Top-Rated Mediterranean Cruise Destination in Cruise Critic Cruisers’ Choice. The pride in these awards is that the former is voted for by cruise operators whereas the latter is voted for by the cruise passengers themselves. Such awards and others recognize the flawless service delivered by the port, and the continued development and investment in its facilities in the last several years. This has been appreciated by both passengers and the cruise trade at large, culminating in over 900,000 passenger movements in 2019.

In addition to the above incoming cruise passengers a strong traffic of locals and land-based tourists is experienced.

  • Well-educated passengers, high incidence of European passengers (65%), as well as Americans (15%) and to a lesser extent Canadian, Australian and Japanese.
  • Passengers spend over €40 each during their port of call stay.
  • Passengers spend roughly 1 hour at the cruise port travel chain.
  • Over 20,000 cruise passengers staying overnight.
  • High incidence of land-based tourists and locals visiting the Valletta Waterfront destination.